Broad Gate Confidential

I thought it might be nice to get to know some of the Broad Gate team and occupiers on a more personal level. This building currently occupies more then 1,300 people! We pass so many faces on a daily basis, here at work, on the street, etc. It’s becoming easier and easier just to become another face in the crowd in this busy world we live in.

So, I’ve come up with a set list of questions that I thought might be fun ice breakers for us to get to know each other a bit better and to put a face to a name. It will always be the same set of questions and it’s all really a bit of fun. I might post every few weeks or once a month. Let’s see how it goes!

I think I’ll call it ‘Broad Gate Confidential’, so it would only make sense to start with the Broad Gate Team. First up is my partner in crime Luke Barker.


What is your full name?

Luke: Luke Calvert Barker, it’s Jewish.


What do you like to be called?

Luke: Well you can’t shorten my name but Steve (security) calls me ‘Lukey Lad’ which I kinda like.


Where were you born?

Luke: A little market town called Northallerton which is in North Yorkshire.


What is your position at Broad Gate?

Luke: “I’m the Client & Communications Manager” which I guess is a fancy title for receptionist! I look after all the social media for Broad Gate along with the website and occupier emails. I also have the fun task of coming up with events and popups which we tend to call ‘skits’. These tend to be with local bars and businesses in Leeds.


How long have you worked here?

Luke: Only since March 2018 but it feels like a lot longer


What did you do before you worked here?

Luke: I’ve had lots of jobs in retail starting as a barista at Starbucks and a good few years selling designer handbags at Louis Vuitton and Harvey Nichols. Retail is tough, and the hours are getting more and more unsociable so I wanted an “office” job but something where I could still be client-facing and somewhere high-end. So obviously I eventually found my way to BG.


What other career / job would you have loved to have?

Luke: I’d love to be a commercial pilot and/or con-man. Side note; my favourite movie is ‘Catch me if you can’.


What other career / job would you absolutely hate to have?

I don’t think I could be a primary school teacher… I would hit the kids.


What is a surprising skill you have or a surprising fact about you?

I’m in a club called ‘The Village Idiots’ and one of the other two members is Carlene.


What is one thing you can’t live without?

Luke: My ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’ DVDs


Tea or Coffee, and how do you take it?

Luke: I like tea kinda milky and coffee anyway it comes – often required intravenously!


What is your guilty pleasure?

Luke: I’m a huge Mariah Carey fan and very proud of it so it’s not really a ‘guilty’ pleasure. But I admit that I often listen to her Christmas albums in the middle of summer.


What is your favourite album of all time?

Luke: Well, leading on from the previous question…  ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’ by Mariah Carey from 2005. It was when she had a big comeback and released ‘We Belong Together’ which went on to be crowned song of the decade by billboard. I have the album on vinyl and I love it.


What word do you love?

Luke: “Schmuck”


What word do you hate?

Luke: “Putz”


If you had one last meal, what would it be?

A single plumb, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat..



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